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Stunning Red Flower Arrangements for Your Sweetheart

Are you looking for a beautiful way to show someone how much you care but are tired of red roses? That’s ok! Buning The Florist has been the go-to shop for stunning red flower arrangements since 1925. 

Why choose red flowers for your loved one? 


The powerful hue of red has been admired for centuries as a symbol of passion, love, and strength. It's no wonder that people feel more confident when they’re wearing red! 

Red flowers are even more powerful than red clothes. 

The red flower is an international symbol of love and passion. In many cultures, this color means happiness or joy because of its vibrant color! The hue has even been correlated with the Root Chakra, which helps keep people connected to universal energies. It is believed that when the Root Chakra is in alignment, people feel more grounded and can make it through difficulties more easily. 

The shades of red can even create meaning. Depending on your cultural background and beliefs, shades of red can create even more special meanings. But, no matter where you are or what your beliefs, red flowers will always make your loved one smile. 

If you’re not looking for a stunning red flower arrangement to tell that special someone you care, that’s ok too! The color red is a powerful element in any setting, but it's especially notable when you want to make an impression. 

This hue can help create feelings of warmth and intimacy between two people and draw attention towards yourself, which may be what we need for our upcoming party! Flowers are a great way to spruce up any event space–your home, office, restaurant, or party venue–and they can even be used as conversation starters! 

No matter your reason for wanting a red floral bouquet, Buning The Florist has an arrangement for you. Check out the bouquets on our website or call us 1 (800) 937-7645 to order your bouquet today and ask about our same-day delivery service. 


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