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What Is The Best Way To Care For My Flowers?

  1. Dissolve the fresh flower food in one quart of water.

  2. Fill a clean vase with this solution.

  3. Remove lower foliage up to the vase's rim and re-cut stems (diagonally).

  4. Arrange your flowers in the vase.

NOTE: Do not place flowers in direct sun or next to heating or air-conditioning vents.



1. When placing your flowers in a vase or a basket, make sure that the height of the tallest stem is one and a half times the width of the base of the vase or basket. Whenever trimming the stems, use sharp scissors to make a clean cut that will not injure the flowers, and cut the stems at an angle rather than straight across.

2. Arrange the stems so that the smallest flower or bud is at the top, and the biggest at the bottom. This means that the larger the flower, the shorter the stem will be. Let the stems curve naturally the way they want to. Use a few leaves or some delicate stems for filling in the spaces between the flowers. This is also good for covering up the base of the flower holder if your vase or container is made of glass. Strip the stems of any leaves which are below the surface of the water.

3. We suggest changing the water in the vase once a day. Unfortunately, most people do not change the water until it starts to smell after three days. If you spill the water out only by the end of the third day, there will be a strong odor similar to rotten eggs or even worse. Take our advice, don't wait for the third day!


1. Do not jam too many flowers into one vase. At, we go out of our way to include more flowers in the average bouquet than other florists. For this reason, one bouquet does not necessarily equal one vase. Sometimes it may be necessary to split the bouquet up into two vases. The flowers will last longer this way. 

2. You do not need to buy expensive vases. Many pretty vases can be bought for very little money. Flowers do not show up well in pale-colored vases. Do not decorate painted cans and other containers. Let the flowers in them be the decoration. A vase will look more interesting if you stand it on some kind of base, such as a block of painted wood or a round mirror.